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Radio Coop October 2019 - Final Order Date September 26

The CMF Radio Ad Program for October is a FIVE week campaign starting Monday, Sept 30, and airing through November 3. We have a special Star*Team ordering site. We are basically consolidating funds and placing one big order for the Radio Portion of the program. The same amount of advertising is purchased per share whether it is for a 4, 5, or 6 week campaign, so the prospect numbers should be similar for either one.  

Click Here for ordering and info to order from our team with or without Phone Burner. Phone Burner is offered at about ½ price with the Radio Co-op, as the CMF vendor gave us a great special deal.

Orders and payment must be received by Thursday, 9-26-19... no exceptions!

This is the ONLY place you will find the link to participate in this way. Checks will be deposited on or after the final ordering day. I do NOT sell leads. I am simply collecting the funds to transfer to the agency and to the owner of Phone Burner as a service to the participants.  

"The Radio Prospects have been responsible for at least 80-90% of our team building over the past 10+ years." -Zal