Could Our Story Be Your Story? Zal & Emma Fink, Oregon & Washington     Tuesday, January 14, 2020

I knew from my consulting career that businesses work well when they are “System Driven” as opposed to “People Driven”. Anyone can follow a System, but not everyone can read someone else’s mind.

So I set out to create a system that anyone could follow. After 18 months of research, interviews and working with programmers and designers, we had the system in place.

We loved the idea of developing a residual income working from home, but there were certain things we weren’t willing to do.

We also knew there were a lot of people out there who felt just like we did.

We spent the next 6 months searching for a vehicle to build our business using technology, finally finding someone who had built 4 other successful home-businesses using a unique Internet on-line system approach.

The System

So now the question was, “Would it work?”

Following the process, we found some amazing business partners, and we were recognized at our company's 2007 Global Conference in 3 growth categories out of 6.

We also qualified and earned an all-expense-paid vacation to the Mayan Riviera, and in 2008 we qualified and earned another fully-paid vacation, this time to the Waikoloa Village Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. In 2009 we earned another vacation to the Mayan Riviera, and all of these were in addition to our now "full-time" income of over $75,000 that year.

And we got to take 5 teams with us!

In 2010 we qualified and earned an all-expense paid vacation on Carnival's newest mega-ship, the Dream, and just like the prior year, we qualified 4 people for the trip, not just 2. And this time 7 other teams qualified with us.

November 2011 took us to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas with 9 teams, a total of 21 people.

Our partner “family” continues to grow, and we were recently recognized in all 6 growth categories and one of only 2 Teams in the whole company worldwide who did that. Of course, it wasn’t “us” who did it, it was the business growth of the incredible partners we have on our team, through the system we created and refined.

We have helped many others develop home-based businesses of their own, using the same process and system that has been so successful for us.

One couple in Kentucky lost the lease on their restaurant after working hard for 19 years to build a retirement income. Suddenly, they had to start over. They are now successful leaders with our team, and were recently recognized as Top Achievers in 4 growth categories.

Another man in Northern California lost his business and his home, and then he became disabled. Living in a 5th-Wheel Travel Trailer with his wife and 16 year old son, he was able to create an income from home working with our system.

A woman in the Palm Springs area owned a retail store, and had invested over $100,000 in it just to buy a very full-time job. And her kids wanted their mom back. Now they have her back, as she is able to work from home using the system we created.

Some of our partners are retired, some have lost jobs and more, and others are just setting themselves up with a "Plan B" (Smart planning for the future).

We don't sugar coat anything. We make sure those who join with us know it will take consistent work. However, because our system has been proven by the continued duplication of those who follow it, our team members can be confident of their results if they're willing to follow the simple, step-by-step process we have in place.

There's nothing more powerful than a new person knowing what results they can expect if they plug into a system. They're able to see, from the results of others, that the system works if they follow it.  

Our process may not be for everyone, but it certainly is working well for us and our team. If you'd like to check it out, and see if this might be an answer you've been looking or praying for, as it has been for our partners and for ourselves....

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The Results

Our story begins when I was the Managing Director of an International Business Consulting firm. Moving up the corporate ladder, we had moved 7 times over 14 years, and by 2001 we found ourselves living in the Chicago area, where the company was based. I was working 70-plus hours a week and I was making a great living, but I had no life… I desperately wanted a way out.

Roger is a Multi-Billionaire who had taken 4 companies to a Billion Dollars in volume and I was invited to attend an event where he explained how he spent 5 years and 20 million dollars searching for his next success story. I wanted to see what he discovered that I didn't know. When I heard him speak, I knew at that moment that the time was right for us to join him. I saw what this entrepreneur saw. He talked about the 6 fastest growing trends for the next 20 years and I realized he was absolutely on target.

About Us Roger

And then, in 2004 the economy started going South! It was affecting the consulting industry, as small businesses were the first to cut extra spending. The writing was on the wall... Incomes were being sliced. Layoffs began happening...

I knew I needed to find something quickly. Ideally I would want to leave that rat race of the corporate world while at the same time be able to really get to know my family AND earn a sustainable income.

That’s when I met Roger.

Been There - Done That

His plan was to re-launch and re-brand a 50-year-old startup company that was positioned directly in the center of all 6 of these trends. But he couldn’t do it alone. He needed partners.